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Quick overview of Vasant Kunj 

Vasant Kunj is located toward the south of Delhi and preferred by many companies as a corporate destination for its proximity to the international Airport (IGI), wide and well structured road infrastructure, vast green expanse and a very educated and cultured population. Vasant Kunj is primarily a residential hub divided into four sectors (A, B C and D) which are further sub divided and has also evolved as a commercial, retail and institutional destination over a period of time. The main commercial areas of Vasant Kunj are the Nelson Mandela road which has Promonade, Ambience and Emporio that provide a world class retail experience along with the Bharti commercial tower and the upcoming ONGC building for commercial office space. Sector C area, Aruna Asif Ali marg and Masood pur village areas have developed as luxury car and second had car dealership hubs with many companies setting up their outlets in these areas.

Other than that, there are small commercial centers set up by DDA in different sectors which also provide good quality commercial office spaces along with many institutional plots that are being developed by NGO, institutions like the SPA and polytechnic board all around the institutional area. 

Average rentals for commercial space hover around 100/sq ft and 175/sq ft. 

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