Some obvious questions that pop up in your mind while looking out for a commercial space are – What types of industries favor each location; what’s the strategic locational advantage like; gauge into residential neighborhoods for recruitment drive assessment, determine commute times from and to nearby important landmarks etc.  Things that are to be sorted even before one starts looking into to the shape, size, building etc of a commercial space.

Most businesses still prefer south and south – central Delhi area when looking out for an office space because of better connectivity, relatively green locales, easy assess to prominent government offices and overall better civic management by local bodies, especially the NDMC area, however, this trend is now changing as Delhi expands its horizons with the notification of new zones towards north and West Delhi area.

Delhi NCR’s business districts can be broken down into five broad zones.  Find out how they each are attractive in their own different style.  Click on the links below to find more about the different commercial space districts in each zone.

South Delhi

West Delhi

North Delhi

East Delhi