We are a real estate agency that is committed to providing macro/micro level expertise and excellent customer service in Delhi commercial real estate domain. We don’t have a big team but we have some of the best out there!

We are always looking for individuals with integrity who know the city of Delhi really well, not necessarily from a real estate point of view. Experience in real estate is always welcome, but not at the cost of integrity and attitude. We can always help you with all the knowledge and skills you would need to know to excel in real estate industry. We are a very informal organization that do not believe in following the beaten path, instead always striving to find ways through the help of latest technology to make life easier for our customers.

If you feel real estate is your thing, you know the city of Delhi well, have ingrained high level of integrity and love to embrace technology, we would be happy to explore possibility of working together. Please send us the following details:

  • Name and contact details
  • Academic qualifications
  • Computer skills
  • Total Experience with company names
  • A short note on what you know about Delhi or the locality where you stay in Delhi. (Not necessarily in English)

As one of our team members you can look forward to:

  • Fixed salary and a rewarding commission structure
  • Access to most up to date technology to drive business, leads on daily basis
  • Training/mentoring in real estate domain
  • Access to our broker and developer network
  • An informal work culture

We look forward to your responses at adminATdelhirealestateguy.com


Currently, we are hiring freelance bloggers who can write insightful content about Delhi NCR commercial real estate.